Branding soulful businesses with big visions

Branding soulful businesses with big visions

You’re one of the lucky ones. 

You have a vision, and belief that you can make it happen, you have a soul calling pushing you forward to take big bold steps, to make the leap, to do the uncomfortable things, so you can make that vision a reality.

Crafting Aligned Branding and Strategy

Kindred Calling is a design studio specialising in helping small businesses fueled by passion and purpose create memorable brands.  Brands that they’re deeply connected to, help to attract their soul clients and make more money, doing the work they love.

Wild Rituals

You’ve got a big vision for the future, and to do it justice you know that this is not the time to blend in.  

Having someone by your side, who’s invested just as much as you, but can step back and take an alternate viewpoint will enable your brand to be in safe hands, bring your vision to life, and leave you time to grow your business.

Together we’ll go on a journey to craft a thoughtful brand identity that’s aligned to your mission, values and soul clients.  

Lucie went above and beyond and was super patient with me.   One of the best decisions you will ever make for your business!

Katie Rössler