Don’t be afraid to use colour in your branding. Standing out amongst your competitors is a good thing… it just needs to be executed the right way. Depending on your brand personality, values and message, then this could be a good choice for your brand. Each of the colours represent an attribute or feeling. Midnight […]

Colour Love #1 – Palette inspiration

After designing websites on WordPress for the past 6 years, moving to Showit has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. As much as I love WordPress and the freedom it offers, there have always been areas that have been less than ideal.  Here are my top 6 reasons to […]

6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Showit 

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Your website is a space that can support your audience on their journey, whatever stage they may be at. In this post I’m sharing how we get clear on what they may need along the way and how we take this into consideration when we’re planning your website structure. Stage 1 : Aware of a […]

How to plan your website to support your customer journey

When I first started my brand design business, I offered a selection of different logo concepts to my clients, because I thought that it would be good to offer them a choice. I always want to make sure that I do my best for people and I thought offering multiple options would be the right […]

Why I changed to the One Concept Method

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The start of a new branding project is an exciting place to be, a space full of ideas and potential routes to go down. In this post I am sharing how I go about creating a mood board for a brand design and why its an important step to my design process. What is a […]

How to create a mood board and why they’re important to my design process

Have you heard of the term brand archetypes before? Whether you’re familiar with the term or not, you will have encountered them throughout your day to day life. They are the characters that we know and love in movies, tv shows and stories. Each of the archetypal characters have certain personality traits, that we can […]

What are brand archetypes

the list your brand needs

An aligned and cohesive brand builds trust, provides a more elevated brand experience and allows for deeper connection with your soul clients. I’ve put this checklist together to help you identify where you may need to work on to create a brand that feels right and grows with you and your business. Download the checklist to make sure you're hitting all of the key areas.

download the checklist