An effective brand design needs to do more than just look good. As the visual representation of your business, it has an incredibly important job to do, and therefore needs to be crafted with intention, and care.

Colours and fonts are a key part of that process, but before making those important design decisions, you will need to have done the groundwork first.  Gaining clarity on your brand foundations first, will allow you to make more informed choices around the font styles you choose and the colours that will have the most impact.

Your brand foundations are:

Vision – the big dreamy vision for how you would love to be showing up, the services and products, the office space, the goals for where you want to take things down the line.

Mission – Why you do what you do. There’s a bigger reason that’s pushing you forward, dig deep and incover what it is.

Values – Your values help you connect with your audience, they are the beliefs that are at the core of what you do, the values that you won’t budge on.

Ideal client – This is one many stumble over, I like to think of it as not a real person, but the ideal person, the dream scenario.

Brand personality – How would you describe your brand if it was a person, what words would you use?

What is your vision for your business?

Having an idea of where you want to take your business both now, and in the future, helps you to think about the long term, and how you need to be presenting yourself to reach that vision. 

What’s your brand’s personality?

Getting clear on the personality of your brand will help hugely when it comes to thinking about how it is being presented.  What colours and styles could help to reinforce that? What kind of language could help to convey that personality? 

Who is your target audience?

Think about who you are trying to attract, and the brands that appeal to them.  

How do you want your brand to feel? 

A strong brand design feels right. It evokes the emotion that you want your audience to feel.  This can be achieved through colours, stock imagery and the words we use.  

Whether you’re designing for yourself, or you’re hiring someone to help you, having clarity on your brand vision first is essential to you creating a lasting brand design, one that has more depth, and you and your audience feel more connected to.

I would love to help you create a strategic, aligned and beautiful brand, that helps you connect with your soul clients.

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