I feel now, more than ever, we have the ability and opportunity to create businesses that truly support us, both financially, but perhaps even more importantly support our wellbeing, our dreams and our soul calling.

I am committed to creating an aligned business.

A business that truly lights up my world.

A business that utilises my natural creative gift, but also helps others in pursuit of their own dreams. 

This is my golden nugget – when I shifted to using my creativity to help people, that is when everything changed for me.  

Being able to help people is what drives me forward.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found myself here, and I believe that as business owners, we are in an incredible situation, where we can change, and shift, when things don’t feel aligned. If we feel out of sync with something, we don’t have to continue in that direction.

To create a business that is sustainable, that lights us up and doesn’t drain us, is to be intentional about how we work, and how we run our businesses.

This is a journey, and to be honest one I’m still at the very beginning of, but there are some key points that I feel are important to share, if you’re currently feeling a little out of alignment with your own business.

I hope you find them helpful 🥰

Listen To Your Gut

We know intuitively when something is a good fit for us or not, but sometimes, we may find that we don’t listen to that inner nudge, ignoring it or pushing it away.

Sometimes going with your gut instinct feels risky, it feels too much of a leap into the unknown, but I can tell you for a fact, two scenarios that I have found.

  1. When I go against my gut feeling, it generally doesn’t work out. 
  2. When I trust in my intuition, and take a leap, it has led me to good things.

If it feels like the right next step, both scary and exciting, trust that energy! 

Which leads me to…

Take Aligned Action

To create something new, we have to take action. We can’t will, a change to happen.

Aligned action is the right next step, something that you feel called to do, to help you reach the next step with your goal.

It could be investing in a course, or creating a sales page for a new offering, it could be finally getting your branding done by a professional, because it no longer feels aligned. Whatever the next step is, that you are feeling called to do, do it!

Our success is inevitable, when we continually show up, and take aligned action. Daily small steps in the right direction,  build on top of each other, and help us to reach our goals.

Follow Joy

If something in your business makes you feel good, if it brings you joy, do that! And make time for more of it!  Or if there is something that you don’t currently offer, but it makes sense, and lights you up, follow that nudge, and make it happen!

When we show up in a place of joy, our energy is aligned, we feel good, and we can share our magic, and that has to be a good thing.

Do it your way

The beauty of running our own businesses is we can mould them to fit our lives, and our way of being. We get to decide on how we show up. We don’t have to do all the things. 

If a piece of marketing advice doesn’t feel good, you don’t need to implement it.

We get to do it our way. 

That is the key part of creating an aligned business. It is true to us. It is aligned to our vision and values. 

And this is actually what will help to call in your soul clients, because they will align with your way of doing things, your unique approach, and the way you do things differently. 

Doing business in a way that feels good to our soul, is good for all, and something that we should all be striving towards and I believe that more and more women are moving towards this, away from doing business in a set way, and instead creating a business that works to our strengths, that feeds our soul, fills our hearts with joy, and brings us more than just an income.

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