Have you heard of the term brand archetypes before? Whether you’re familiar with the term or not, you will have encountered them throughout your day to day life. They are the characters that we know and love in movies, tv shows and stories. Each of the archetypal characters have certain personality traits, that we can […]

What are brand archetypes

Every business has a personality. The unique traits that describe who you are, how you are seen and how you interact with your audience.   But why is knowing this stuff important? Understanding your brand personality helps you to be cohesive. It helps you to create a vibe, a feeling, a way of being, that your […]

The importance of Brand Personality

I feel now, more than ever, we have the ability and opportunity to create businesses that truly support us, both financially, but perhaps even more importantly support our wellbeing, our dreams and our soul calling. I am committed to creating an aligned business. A business that truly lights up my world. A business that utilises […]

Creating An Aligned Business

Blogging is great for any business, and it’s never too later to start.   This is really easy to set up, and can be done with just a few clicks.  In this post I will share how to set up a blog page on WordPress, using any theme. Blogging on WordPress If you’re thinking of adding […]

How to set up a blog page on WordPress

If you’re planning on using WordPress.org for your new website, one thing that you will need to think about beforehand is hosting. In this article I will take you through the steps to set up your WordPress hosting with Siteground, my preferred hosting provider. What is hosting? The hosting provider for your WordPress website, is […]

How to set up WordPress hosting on Siteground

When we think about branding – the thing that may initally jump out to you is your logo, but branding is so much more than that.  In this post I will take you through some key areas that you should have clarity on – these are the foundations of all businesses, the groundwork that gives […]

How To Create a Strong Brand

Attract your Soul Clients with Brand Clarity

Gain a deeper understanding of your brand and the magic you bring to the world with this 23 page workbook