Crafting intentional design for soulful services & makers.

Aligned branding that calls in your soul clients

Strategic design has the power to elevate your brand experience, create connection, align to your vision and values, and to reinforce your message. Together we go on a journey to uncover your unique approach to business, and craft a brand that speaks to your soul... and your dream customers too!

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Our Services

Branding & Web Design


An in depth journey to craft your brand identity and website, the space that is included in the process enables us to go deep in each phase of the design process. Researching competitors, refining your message, gaining clarity on your audience, then using this information to create a brand identity that is rooted in strategy.

Design intensives are budget friendly and have a fast turnaround. The done in one day, design service allows us to work together to create beautiful brand visuals or website, that speak to your soul clients, give you confidence in your brand and create a cohesive look which builds trust with your audience.

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happy clients

"It's so amazing how aligned you are to my vision. I love this experience!"

“Lucie went above and beyond and was super patient with me. One of the best decisions you will ever make for your business!”

“Lucie is superb at what she does and also goes out of her way to listen to your needs. She has worked with me on every last detail to make sure I am happy with the end result and I absolutely love it!”