Have you heard of the term brand archetypes before? Whether you’re familiar with the term or not, you will have encountered them throughout your day to day life. They are the characters that we know and love in movies, tv shows and stories. Each of the archetypal characters have certain personality traits, that we can […]

What are brand archetypes

The right font choice has the ability to elevate your brand.  As a designer I can spend a huge amount of time finding the perfect options to represent a business, and I can’t help but fall in love with an array of different styles that I come across. Choosing the right font style helps to […]

Free Google fonts for your business

An effective brand design needs to do more than just look good. As the visual representation of your business, it has an incredibly important job to do, and therefore needs to be crafted with intention, and care. Colours and fonts are a key part of that process, but before making those important design decisions, you […]

Why branding goes deeper than colours and fonts

Every business has a personality. The unique traits that describe who you are, how you are seen and how you interact with your audience.   But why is knowing this stuff important? Understanding your brand personality helps you to be cohesive. It helps you to create a vibe, a feeling, a way of being, that your […]

The importance of Brand Personality

Attract your Soul Clients with Brand Clarity

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