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Before any design project starts, we first get to grips with brand foundations, gaining real clarity around the why behind your work, the values that are at the core of what you do, the vision you have both now and in the future, who your soul clients are, and your brand personality – the vibe and feeling that your brand embodies that calls in your soul clients, and helps you to make more money doing the work you adore.

As this is such an important part of understanding our businesses, and something that so many of us really struggle with, I am now offering these as stand alone sessions.

The Brand Clarity Sessions are perfect for anyone in business who is needing more clarity around their brand foundations, but isn’t sure where to start.

Having someone who can see your business with a fresh set of eyes, and alternative perspective, will help to pinpoint and hone in on details.

All you have to do is show up to chat about your business, and then I will do the work and create your Brand Clarity document, giving you a clear map outlining your core values, message and brand personality, including direction on how to present your business, which will help you create a more aligned brand.

When we have clarity

we have confidence

Step 1 - secure your space

Click the link below to secure your Brand Clarity session.

Step 2 - questionnaire

After your payment has been received you will directed to a link to complete your pre-session questionnaire.

Step 3 - book in

After I have recieved your questionnaire, we will book your 90 minute session into the calender

Step 5 - Our Session

The day of our session we will meet up over Zoom for around 60-90 minutes to chat about your business. we will dive deep into your story, why you do what you do, your vision for the future and your values – it’s basically just a lovely chat to discover all about your business.

Step 5 - Brand Clarity Document

After our session, I will compile all my notes and dig into what makes your brand stand out, I help you clarify your vision statement, soul client avatar, values, brand voice, archetypes and brand personality.

Step 6 - celebrate!

Now you can confidently continue doing the work you love, knowing that you have clarity around who you’re attracting and what makes your business so special.  If you would like me to help with designing your brand visuals, the price of the Brand Clarity Session will be deducted from any further service.


The Brand Clarity session is a one off investment of £697  

Please note the Brand Clarity sessions do not include brand design work.

The brand clarity session with Lucie came just at the right time for me and my business. I was ready to move my brand in a new and clearer direction, but didn’t know how or what that would look like.

The session with Lucie not only gave me clarity of where I want to be with my business, but also the tone of voice I want to use and what things I need to add in the future to give the right message to my people.

It was an absolute joy to work with Lucie on this, and her kind words and gentle way of being just made it all flow easily.

The Brand Clarity Document will be something that I refer back to often to make sure that I am on the right path for me and my brand.

Thank you so much, Lucie.

Malene Fuglsig