follow your own path

& magic will happen

you have an incredible vision

Follow your intuition, and the nudges that are calling you. All the ideas you have are possible, you just have to take action, trust, and be open up to the magic that’s waiting.


Intuitive brand design

infused with strategy & intention

Kindred Calling is a brand design studio that embraces the individual, helping you stand out from the crowd and celebrate your unique approach to business.

Working together in a collaborative partnership, crafting a bespoke identity infused with strategy, that speaks to your soul clients and reinforces your message.

It’s an intuitive process, but always starts with clarity, and getting to know the individual business and story behind the work you do – this ground work is an important step that allows us to create a brand identity that is elevated, has depth and that will grow with your business.


You see the big picture and all the possibilities for where your brand could go, you’ve never been one to follow the crowd, you prefer to carve your own path and stay true to your soul calling.

You appreciate genuine connection. You listen to your intuition and you know when something feels right. You’re not afraid to take a leap of faith, because you know those leaps will help you reach your vision.

You value beautiful design and you know that investing in your brand design will help your business to reach its potential.

I’m Lucie, brand stylist and WordPress web designer, passionate about helping businesses fueled by passion and purpose create aligned brand identities, so that you’ll stand out from the crowd, attract your soul clients and help you make more money, doing the work you love.

Using my natural creative gifts and an intuitive approach I will help you through your branding journey.

After years of being extremely lost and taking many a wrong turn, being an impulsive type, I followed an inner nudge and launched my brand design business, very soon realising that I had found my purpose in life.

By combining two of my strongest attributes, my natural creative gift and  strong desire to help and look after the people who come into my life, I’ve transformed my life, and created a business that feeds my soul. It took a while to get here, but I’ve  found my calling in life, and serving my clients and helping others truly lights me up.