a soul led design studio

I help creative business owners who are fueled by passion and purpose (like yours), craft aligned brand identities, so you can show up confidently, stand out amongst others in your industry and call in your soul clients, helping you to do the work you love.

By combining my strong desire to look after the people who come into my world with my creative gift, I take a nurturing and intuitive approach when guiding you through your branding journey. I really do care about you and your business and am honoured to play a small part in the process.

I’m a tea drinking, manifesting generator, who believes in the magic of the universe, and doing things our own way.

The fact that I have the honour of helping others who are forging their own paths makes my work even more joyful.

After years of being extremely lost & taking many a wrong turn, being an impulsive type, I followed an inner nudge & launched my brand design business, very soon realising that I had found something that lit up my soul.

Lucie x

Branding your business is not the easiest of tasks... even as a designer.

Over the years I have learnt what goes into crafting a brand identity that feels right, one that's rooted in strategy and supported with intentional design. I also know what it's like when something is out of alignment and how it can stop you from making progress.

Kindred Calling is here to help you navigate your branding journey, whichever stage you may be in.





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If you don't try, you'll never know

if I wasn't a designer I would

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happy place

In a forest or at home

fur babies?

Yep, 2 pups

Open a sandwich shop

(obviously slightly obsessed with personality tests!)

A gothic horror

A little about me

probably reading


human design

i'm on a mission to

Simplify the branding process for soul led, small business owners, providing services & resources that guide & empower you on your branding journey.

How to create an aligned brand that calls in your soul clients

An aligned and cohesive brand builds trust, provides a more elevated brand experience and allows for deeper connection with your soul clients. 

I’ve put this checklist together to help you identify where you may need to work on to create a brand that feels right and grows with you and your business. Download the checklist to make sure you're hitting all of the key areas.

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Craft an aligned brand that calls in your soul clients

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