Beautiful Branding for introverts

with big visions

It’s time for you to elevate your brand experience. 

You’ve been in business for a few years, and you know now is the time to bring your branding into alignment with the high end services you provide.

You want to create a polished experience for your clients from start to finish, and your current branding just doesn’t feel right.  What used to be fine, now feels like something is missing.

It is lacking depth and soul that you know is at the heart of what you do.

You’re ready for brand visuals that you have a deep connection to, and that your soul clients are drawn to. You’re done with the DIY, and know for a fact that your business deserves time, care and attention to detail, to create a brand identity that is beautiful, strategic and aligned to you and your dream clients.

You’re ready for more impact and more income.

My friend, you are in a very exciting place!

You have grown, and are ready to change things up.

We all evolve,  so it’s only natural that our branding should grow with us, it’s the next natural stage in our journey.

I help soul led introverts, beautifully brand their business

& stand out in the sea of same

When design is infused with strategy it reinforces your message, helps you connect with your tribe, and moves your business forward. It helps you to reach that next level.  It’s not just about creating visuals that look beautiful. To have the impact required, there needs to be more to it than just looking pretty.

This is why as your designer, I take a strategic, yet intuitive approach.

Taking time to get to know you and your business on a deeper level, allows us to create a bespoke design, that you feel a deep connection to, and speaks to your soul clients.

A polished brand sets the tone for how you work, the experience that your clients will receive when they work with you, it builds trust and credibility.  Through the rebrand process you will reconnect with your vision, bigger mission and values, you will walk away with new found confidence and clarity in your brand. Allowing you to step out and share your gifts with the world.

Let’s go on a journey to discover your new brand –

what the process looks like

Step 1 - Let's Connect

Connection is key when it comes to working together, so when your enquiry drops into my inbox, I will be in touch to arrange a Zoom coffee chat.  This is where we will get together, so you can share all about your amazing business, your brand vision and goals for the future.  We then make a plan on what you need to help you achieve that.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Step 2 - making it official

To reserve your space in my design schedule, all you have to do is pay your 25% deposit, and we will book your project start date in, the first exciting step in creating your new beautiful, aligned and strategic branding.

Step 3 - clarity session

All branding projects kick off with a 2 hour clarity session, this is where we dive deep into the foundational elements that make up your brand. Getting to know your deeper why, who your soul clients are, and the personality of your brand.  Getting clarity on these areas helps to inform the best route for your brand identity to go down.

Step 5 - intuition & strategy

Once we’ve been through the clarity session, we move on to the design phase, this is where intuition and strategy meet. Bringing together visual  inspiration, your brands personality traits, values and the feeling you want your brand to evoke, we craft a bespoke design that you have a deep connection to, and that your soul clients will be drawn to.  It’s a journey we will go on together, step by step to discover your beautiful new brand.

Step 6 - celebrate

Hurrah! It’s time for you to launch your beautiful new branding to the world.  I’m so excited for you to start the next chapter of your business success.

The Investment

The full branding package including strategy session, logo, sub mark, and design and development of a custom WordPress website starts at £4000.

Payment plans are always available.

Get in touch to discuss pricing & availability for your project