Backing Up Your Site

Running a back up creates a copy of your site, so should anything go wrong when updating plugins, you have a previous version that you can reinstall.  I use a two step backup process, the first backs up on the site, and you download to your computer, then second creates a backup on the site and also adds a copy to your chosen cloud.

Updating plugins & theme

You should aim to to run a backup and update your site plugins every 1 or 2 weeks, so as to keep your site healthy, at the very least monthly.  Making sure you backup your site before updating plugins and themes, just in case something causes an error.

Adding a new page

As your business grows you may wish to add a new page to your website.

Cloning a page

A super handy feature within the Divi theme, is the ability to clone pages.  This means you can duplicate a page, and carry over the same style, so your site stays consistent throughout.

Adding a page to the menu

Once you’ve created a new page, you may want to add it to the menu, just follow theses steps.

Using the visual builder

Divi’s visual builder makes it really simple to update and add new elements to your site.

Updating buttons

Learn how to update button text and links.

Adding a blog post

If you have a blog area on your site you will want to keep it updated with new content, this video shares how to do so – please note, you may wish to update keywords, to make SEO friendly.