How to set up a blog page on wordpress

Blogging is great for any business, and it’s never too later to start.   This is really easy to set up, and can be done with just a few clicks.  In this post I will share how to set up a blog page on WordPress, using any theme.


Blogging on WordPress

If you’re thinking of adding a blog section to your site, you need to make sure that when you create a new blog article, you do it from the right area in the dashboard.  There are two options in the WordPress dashboard Pages and Posts, pages are for adding new static pages, so for example your about page or services page, and if you are adding fresh articles for the blog or news section of your website, these are created under posts.


Posts section in WordPress-01


How to set up a blog page in WordPress

First of all you need to make sure that you have a page set up in your WordPress dashboard, so if you’re just setting up your site head to pages > add new > Add “Blog” (or another name such as Journal, News etc.) as the title of the page and hit publish.  

Once you have your page published, you then need to go to Settings > Reading from here you can select a static page, then set your home page, and blog page from the drop downs.  If you would like an excerpt from your blog post to appear you can select this here too.  That is is!


Wordpress settings - blog


You will need to make sure that your new blog is visible on your website by adding it to the menu.

How to create a menu in WordPress

For this tutorial I’m going to assume that you’ve not set up the menu yet, so just follow these steps to do so 🙂

Go to Appearance > Menus and then give your menu a name, I use Primary Nav (primary navigation) or you could use main menu, nobly will see what you name it, it’s purely for your own reference.



And then select Primary menu in the display location, and click the button Create Menu.

You will see your pages appear in a box to the left, select the pages you would like to add, then click the button “add to menu”


You can then change the order if you wish, by dragging them up or down, this is the order they will appear on the front end.

When you’re happy, click save menu.

Then check on the homepage of your website to see your menu 🙂

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